About Us

Hello there

This website has been designed and created purposely for those who are depressed by the thought of checking their bank balance, or depressed by the thought of slaving away for hours in the kitchen. 

No fear, cheap, easy and healthy recipes are here!

Eating healthy can be a pleasure not a chore. Fabulous food can be tasty, easy to prepare, and best of all… Cheap!

When scoffing down your three piece original recipe meal … We all know it tastes a treat, (mostly because you’re so hungry you could eat a scabby horse). But when your stomach is full and the hunger subsides, you start to feel a little queasy from the realisation that you have just eaten more than half your daily recommended amount of calories in just one sitting (excluding your full-fat coca-cola and large gravy). Then the sick feeling turns to actual physical pain. This is your body telling you to stop feeding it utter crap and pick up a carrot for once in your life. Then diet Monday comes along as usual, and after forgetting in the morning you had started the diet due to lack of sleep…you have already eaten a bacon sandwich. Nevertheless, you attempt to snack less, eat more apples and eat less pies, but eventually a part of your food loving soul dwindles away and the enjoyment of eating only seems achievable with a bargain bucket. If you can devote more time to cooking food, you will spend more time enjoying food. Healthy food can be enjoyable so give it a chance!

Hope you enjoy…

Chef Anja



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